Ye Old Foe Monday?

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Everyday following Sunday we get greeted with Monday.

Without fail.

Am I right?

The best the HGH can buy!!!

The best the HGH can buy!!!

I read a stat that said something like if you’re 30 then on average you only got 200,000 ish days left, some may have 1.

Don’t mean to be morose.

What does that mean for us?

Well I can choose to think that all those people that believe in motivational tools, techniques and videos on the interwebs are weirdos, who don’t live in reality.

I mean c’mon, school, kids, mortgage, bad back, asshole boss, cold-un-feeling hubby, nagging wife, hot weather, cold weather blehh!!!!

I mean we ALL know that you don’t achieve by sitting and watching other people talk about achieving!

Am I right?

Well, what if it helped nudge?

What if it helped take that horrible day to just plain old crappy?

Is it worth it then?

I won’t insert my favorite video here from Kid President about a Pep Talk…..

I don’t know the answer BUT I do know that action > fear.

When we take action toward our goal, which sometimes looks like simply defining that goal…we’re on the right road.

We don’t get to skip the road, but we are ON the right one. We still have to put the effort in to run, walk, jog, crawl and sometimes fall down and back track on that road but we’re on the summmitch.

Two things today:

1) The video below, and if you’re the type (my sister, I love you hippy!) turned off by the imagery of the fast italian car OR the fact that Donald Trump spills on the screen too, insert whatever gets you excited about waking in the morning.

2) This post by a favorite of mine…the inimitable Lisbeth Darsh of Words With Lisbeth -> Take action. Don’t wait. Do.

I get it and I don’t get it. I was one who waited. Hell, I spent twenty years waiting to be who I am. But once I gave up that safe, horrible addiction of waiting, life exploded in the most fantastic ways. So, take it from me: don’t wait.Go now. Do now. Be now. Yeah, action is scary. The weight on the bar is scary. The height of the rope climb is scary. Showing your heart is absolutely fucking frightening. But it’s all worth it, isn’t it?

You hardly ever hear someone say: “I wish I had started later.”

Finally Back Squats make a day better, it is proven scientifically. Just ask statistics.

You meet your must. Whatever your must is – you’re gonna get it!

Let’s talk about hyperbole whence you’ve meet your goal, there we can debate what wasn’t really useful or whatever, but until then do work.